To be honest, I created this blog because I had to.

Last semester I started taking classes to fulfill the digital arts minor to compliment my journalism major. After completing both courses, I decided to continue with it. This semester I am taking ARS 327: Theory and Practice of Digital Arts: Web Art, Design, and Culture. One of the requirements of the class is to create and keep up with a WordPress blog. So here it is.

This isn’t my first WordPress blog. I have two others: Jaclyn Lattanza – JRN 301 and A Case Study on Social Media. Like this one, both were created for a class. (I haven’t looked at them since the class ended) But tbh is different. I have the freedom to blog about whatever I want!

I am excited to have the requirement of blogging about whatever I want because I have always wanted to; I just never had the drive to start. I hope to continue blogging after this semester is over because I love to write and share my thoughts with others.

I expect to blog about a variety of topics and would like to include links, pictures, videos and other media that I can find. I encourage others to suggest topic ideas to me so that this is fun for my readers as well!

To learn more about me, visit my About JLattanza page.


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