Month: November 2014

#290: An Everyday Superhero

Happy Birthday Ellen!

Community of Awesome

Every so often, a person comes along that reminds us there is genuine kindness, positivity and support in the world. This occurrence is even more exceptional when it comes in the form of an administrator who dedicates their life to helping students. Ellen Driscoll has been at Stony Brook for over 20 years, first as a substance abuse counselor and for the last four years as an Assistant Dean of Students. Ellen is an avid supporter of any student who walks through her door. Her Stony Brook pride is fierce and she never takes for granted the little things in life. She is a role model for students and a beloved friend of her colleagues. Ellen has served as a mentor for all of the Community Of Awesome moderators, past and present. I could sit here and write my own post about her selflessness, or her ability to smile and…

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