Month: September 2014

5 Things We All Need To Do Before We Hit 30

Thought Catalog

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1. Truly and genuinely, without any preconceived assumptions or expectations, question everything about you.

It’s a nasty trap we all fall into. The values we grew up with must be the right values. The belief system we have must be the correct one. The decisions we are making in life are the only decisions we can make. This stuck type of mindset is only further cemented by a culture that values convictions over skepticism, the predictable over the spontaneous, and has downright replaced rational discourse with yelling, name-calling, and metaphorical circle jerks for those who think the same things as you.

Even if you only do it once in your life, take a moment to genuinely question why you think the things you do. Question why you consider something proper or improper, right or wrong, in line or taboo. Question every assumption. Question every value…

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