Month: June 2014

I’m an Intern!

To be honest, today was my first day as an intern at News 12 Long Island and it was great!

For the rest of the summer, I will be at News 12 twice a week as a reporter’s assistant. The reporter I have been assigned to is Danielle Campbell. Each day I’m in, I will assist her in research and reporting as well as go out into the field with her.

Today, Danielle’s story was on the “puppy mill bill,” which is a resolution that will regulate the sale of puppies from puppy mills. We saw all of the Suffolk County legislators vote to pass the resolution unanimously. Then we visited a puppy store and got to pet and hold some cute puppies.

Check out the story here:

After just one day, I can already tell that this is going to be a fun summer.  It is so interesting and eye-opening to observe another reporter’s techniques and processes while on a story, especially one that is on deadline.  I have already learned so much and I can’t wait to keep learning. I am excited to be working with Danielle because she is nice, funny and she is a great reporter. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to my next day, and the rest of the summer!