Month: February 2014

Get Your RED On!

To be honest, Red Friday is my favorite Stony Brook tradition.

It is not even a question that Stony Brook University’s predominant school color is red. But believe it or not, most students 10 years ago had no idea.

Personally, I could not imagine not knowing what my school colors are. It is something that connects everyone who is affiliated or would like to get involved with the University, including community members. I wear my Stony Brook red gear often, because I want people to know where I go to school. I am proud of being a Stony Brook Seawolf and that’s one of the reasons why I love this tradition!

 Aug 30 - @Jaclyn_Lattxo: HAPPY RED FRIDAY @USG #RedFriday @stonybrooku

[Twitter] Aug 30 – @Jaclyn_Lattxo: HAPPY RED FRIDAY @USG! #RedFriday @stonybrooku

The tradition of Red Friday encourages all students, staff and faculty to wear red every Friday. Some people get very excited about Red Friday, and others could care less. Here is a rundown of my observations:

  • Students: There are some students who wear red every Friday to participate in the tradition, most of which are probably members of the marching band and or on an athletic team. But for what the total number of students is on Stony Brook’s campus, I should definitely be seeing more red on Fridays. Heck, most students don’t even wear red to athletic events.
  • Staff: Generally staff members participate, especially those who work in the Dean of Students Suite. Most often when you walk into an office on campus on a Friday, you will see red.
  • Faculty: In my opinion, the majority of the professors at Stony Brook could care less about school colors, school spirit, school mascots, etc. It’s just something that does not interest them. Out of all of the Friday classes I have taken, not one professor participated in Red Friday.

Below is a video that Stony Brook’s Communications department put together in Fall 2013 to promote this tradition.

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG), does its best to promote Red Fridays by having a Twitter contest, with a free t-shirt on the line. To enter, students have to tweet a picture of themselves wearing red on Friday. The tweet should mention @USG and include #RedFriday. Whoever is chosen will be rewarded a free #RedFriday t-shirt, and they’re pretty awesome.


[Instagram] Sept 6 – @jlattanza: More @stonybrooku students need to start participating in Red Fridays! #REDFRIDAY @stonybrookusg @wolfieseawolf

I hope to see more students participating in this tradition in the future. It’s one that brings the student body, staff and faculty together in a way that promotes school pride, which is a great thing! After all, just like our fight song says, we’re the red-hot Seawolves of SBU.


Today I was asked if I had kicked someone

To be honest, I’ve been recovering from foot surgery for 8 weeks now and I still can’t walk right.

Although it has been a painful and frustrating amount of time, it has also been very eye-opening.

Being off crutches and not being 100% is killing me. Limping around causes pain to my whole foot and prevents me from walking as fast as I normally do. It also gives people an excuse to speculate on what’s wrong.

Listen people, it doesn’t matter what’s wrong. What matters is that they are struggling more than you are.

True story:

Today I was asked if I had kicked someone. He said, “What’d you kick someone?” The man who was sitting in Roth Cafe had nothing better to do than to mock me as I “walked” past him.

Come on!

That experience solidified the message that I wanted this post, that has been sitting in my drafts for a while now, to tell others.

Before this surgery, I had never been on crutches. So spending 6 1/2 weeks on them was a long time. My experience was not that terrible, except for the time I fell down the stairs and the occasional soreness in the palm of my hands. Besides the strength it took to go up and down steps, the worst part about being on crutches was being stared at every time I went out in public.

I’d like to think that I got pretty good at maneuvering with them, but when I entered the gym to watch a basketball game or a restaurant for a meal, suddenly I felt like a circus act. I understand that everyone is curious, but after a while, there is not much of a show to watch.

After what I’ve gone through, I will never judge someone who is on crutches or utilizing any other mobility aid. Everyone goes through their own personal and physical struggles. Having others assume they know what it is, is uncomfortable and not fair.

I ask everyone to respect others, especially those who “look” different. Imagine what your life would be like if you were in a similar position.

It’s not a great feeling to be looked at while you are in a vulnerable state.


Whatever I Want

To be honest, I created this blog because I had to.

Last semester I started taking classes to fulfill the digital arts minor to compliment my journalism major. After completing both courses, I decided to continue with it. This semester I am taking ARS 327: Theory and Practice of Digital Arts: Web Art, Design, and Culture. One of the requirements of the class is to create and keep up with a WordPress blog. So here it is.

This isn’t my first WordPress blog. I have two others: Jaclyn Lattanza – JRN 301 and A Case Study on Social Media. Like this one, both were created for a class. (I haven’t looked at them since the class ended) But tbh is different. I have the freedom to blog about whatever I want!

I am excited to have the requirement of blogging about whatever I want because I have always wanted to; I just never had the drive to start. I hope to continue blogging after this semester is over because I love to write and share my thoughts with others.

I expect to blog about a variety of topics and would like to include links, pictures, videos and other media that I can find. I encourage others to suggest topic ideas to me so that this is fun for my readers as well!

To learn more about me, visit my About JLattanza page.

Until my next post…